Join us in Manchester at The Manchester Conference Centre on April 7th & 8th 2017

Our aim is to bring people together from all over the UK for two days packed full of speaker presentations, activities and raffles! Topped off with free food and crypto goodie bags!

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Everyones welcome

Our events hosts activities and discussions for all levels from beginners to expert. If you're new to cryptocurrency then sit in on one of our Bitcoin Education sessions

Cryptocurrency goodies

Pickup a range of cryptocurrency goodies, our last event giveaway bags featured free bitcoin debit cards, scratch cards, bitcoin user guides and exclusive discount codes

Speakers from around the world

We host a wide range of speakers from around the world covering a diverse range of cryptocurrency topics

Join us for free at our 2017 event

Join us in Manchester and be part of our event, tickets will be available soon

New to 2017: Get your hands on some crypto collectibles!

Physical Bitcoins is an exciting new place to buy physical bitcoins that are collectors pieces or high value items for investment but also just for fun! The PhysiBits team will be present at CoinFestUK2017! For more information on PhysiBit visit


This year will see the awesome OK team attend! The OK team will be manning the ROKOS exhibition and bring goodies from the OK community.

Beyond The Void

The game powered by blockchain. The Beyond The Void team will be present at CoinFestUK 2017 and have a live set up of the awesome game! Visit the website at Beyond the void