Join us in Manchester, UK on April 7th & 8th 2017

Our aim is to bring people together from all over the UK for two days packed full of speaker presentations, activities and raffles! Topped off with free food and crypto goodie bags!

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Everyones welcome

Our events hosts activities and discussions for all levels from beginners to expert. If you're new to cryptocurrency then sit in on one of our Bitcoin Education sessions

Cryptocurrency goodies

Pickup a range of cryptocurrency goodies, our last event giveaway bags featured free bitcoin debit cards, scratch cards, bitcoin user guides and exclusive discount codes

Speakers from around the world

We host a wide range of speakers from around the world covering a diverse range of cryptocurrency topics

Join us for free at our 2017 event

Join us in Manchester and be part of our event, tickets will be available soon

Our 2016 event hosted:

Amazing music from the Cypherfunks. We also had free CoinFestUK exclusive CypherFunks CDs available. Our 2017 event will also host the music from the CypherFunks, played throughout the event.

A live ROKOS device

A live ROKOS device was set up ready for user interaction at our last event, ROKOS is an Open Source Operating System for Raspberry Pi, Pi zero, Pi 2, Pi 3, PINE64+ and IoT devices, the device allows for users to launch a full bitcoin node and help secure the Bitcoin network. See more about ROKOS here; ROKOS

CoinFest exclusive GP

The awesome team at GameCredits set up an exclusive CoinFest GP playable at our previous event, anyone could play and whoever obtained the fastest time across all the races won a prize in Bitcoin. Read more about GameCredits here; GameCredits