provides an easy to use and highly secure mobile and web wallet Android Wallet iOS Wallet, Bitcoin API, an industry popular block explorer, and mining pool.'s Bitcoin wallet features unparalleled security through Multi-Signature technology, keeping you in full control of your coins at all time. Transactions are signed on your device so we never see your private keys.

Aureus, the first Bitcoin-backed cryptocurrency in the world with monthly BTC dividends.

BitStashers specialize in unique solutions to stash your bits, their wallets have personality! They are made of the highest quality metals, much more durable than traditional paper wallets. BitStashers offer a range of metal wallets including bottle openers and dog tags!

Physical Bitcoins is an exciting new place to buy physical bitcoins that are collectors pieces or high value items for investment but also just for fun where the coin acts as a temporary vessel for the movement of the digital bitcoin contained on them.

The awesome guys at the Bitcoin Store are supplying us with Bitcoin Swag to giveaway in our raffles and for our volunteers! Thanks for the support guys!

They have also setup a 20% discount exclusive for CoinFestUK! Enter the coupon CoinFestUK2017 at the Bitcoin Store

BittyBot helps anyone looking to buy or sell bitcoins find the best prices available. You can compare market prices from over 100 different bitcoin vendors, marketplaces and exchanges from around the world. BittyBot's aim is to save you time & money. is your source for all things Bitcoin! They bring you the latest Cryptocurrency News, Interviews with Bitcoin Believers, Bitcoin Casino reviews, they even have their own podcast - The Coinversation!

Radix (Formerly eMunie) is the next generation distributed ledger technology! Come and see their exhibit at CoinFestUK 2017!

Beyond the Void is a real time strategy game powered by blockchain. Lead your army with your powerful mother ship, conquer the solar system and defeat your opponents. Speak to the Beyond the Void team at CoinFestUK and the see the game live!

Blue Lab build custom software based on Blockchain. They offer a range of cryptocurrency services including: Helping businesses to move to the blockchain, setting up mining farms, designing and developing server sided APIs and Web-Wallets and designing and developing mobile apps to use blockchain technology.

The Einsteinium Foundation has a mission to raise funds for scientific research, our mining tax creates a pool of funds that provide grants to deserving applicants.

Spectrecoin is an emerging cryptocurrency project that aims to provide truly anonymous transactions on the blockchain and a mobile platform for global anonymous cash transfers.

Superior (SUPER). A fast, secure, scaleable, untraceable currency used by the CrowdifyClub social network. ICO is live.

Ethbits Local is a new exchange that facilitates secure trades between people from bank accounts to CryptoCurrency both online and face to face. They are currently registering a business in the UK and have a fantastic variety of shareholders from around the globe that all work as a team to bring the next big ground breaking exchange. They have agreements to open offices in UK, France, Spain, China, USA and Australia.

The Cashaa team will be exhibiting at CoinFestUK!
Cashaa is a P2P marketplace powered by the Blockchain to transfer cash anywhere in the world. Cashaa's model is based on connecting individuals who wish to send and receive money anywhere in the world, with cryptocurrency traders/network who accept the physical cash from the sender in one location and give it to the receiver in another location in exchange of selling and buying their cryptocurrencies.!

The amazing guys over at SatoshiPoint will be installing one of their BTC ATMs at our 2017 event! Thanks guys!!

CryptoCloudHosting will be be adding website hosting packages as part of our event raffles.

The team over at BCB ATM will be installing one of their BTC ATMs at our 2017 event! Thanks guys!!

Aswell as presenting at CoinFestUK The awesome OKCashCrypto team will be showing off the amazing ROKOS system

The Cypherfunks is a grand experiment in music for the internet age: crowdfunding a global band through a decentralized cryptocurrency. Since its inception in February 2014, the Cypherfunks have produced over 80+ songs that have been played over 3000 times on SoundCloud

The awesome @bitcoinlab have created a custom branded version of BattleCoin Just for CoinFest - Play here:

The awesome Bitcoin instructor and author Kyle Honeycutt has provided signed copies of his books as part of our raffle! A must read for getting started in Bitcoin development

Thanks to Uquid for their support! Details of our partnership with Uquid will be announced soon.

CryptoCompare is an interactive platform where you can discuss the latest Crypto trends and monitor all markets streaming in real time. A leading contender in the digital currency space, the website contains live charts & prices, guides, mining, exchanges, wallets, portfolios and much more

The awesome team behind CoinCorner have provided free Bitcoin Guides for our event.

Our exclusive multimedia designer for CoinFestUK. From our new logo design to our flyers for distribution - Amazing vision and skill from a talented designer!

The Mint team will be providing CoinFestUK attendees awesome Mint cards! See the last batch of Mint cards here

The local Bitcoin meetup based in Manchester, these guys are awesome! They provided funds for the food for the whole event and provided with guidance and support for our 2016 event.

The team over at DNotes have donated copies of the awesome "The Four Pillars of Business Success" by Alan Yong - for our raffle!

The HackerHouse team will be demoing their new course at CoinFestUK on April 8th.

Bitcoin-Engrave can engrave nearly anything you require! They can engrave on metals including; Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Silver, and even Gold!. Bitcoin-Engrave have supplied giveaway goodies for our raffle!

The awesome Qrypto have supplied us with All-in-one Bitcoin NFC Contact Cards & mugs our raffle! Aswell as discount cards for all attendees

ROKOS is an Open Source Operating System for Raspberry Pi, Pi zero, Pi 2, Pi 3, PINE64+ and IoT devices. The ROKOS / OK team will be present at CoinFestUK 2017, make sure to visit their exhibition.

The team at Satoshi School will be running a workshop each day of the event. Details can be found on the 2017 even page

The Awesome Matthew from Portsmouth Crypto is of course the man behind the Bitcoin Education Sessions present at CoinFestUK, a must see guy at our event for any beginner


The awesome team over at MonetaryUnit have supplied us with giveaway pens, notepads and promo cards! Awesome support.

Aizstyle Graphic Designs

The guru designer, if its a design and you see it at CoinFestUK this the most likely the guy who created it, unbelievable work!!

Media Partners

Brave New Coin (BNC) is a Data & Research company who has built a superior Market-Data Engine for the Blockchain & Digital Equities industry. We collect, process & index live data from over 100 trading platforms in real-time to produce a number useful data tools for Developers, Traders & Enterprise.

Bitcoinist Ltd. is a fintech media company dedicated to providing pertinent and insightful news, reviews, and commentary on Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies. With contributors from around the world, the talented team at is ready to be your trusted source for Bitcoin news. allows We believe that digital currencies are changing the world for the better - and we are chronicling the journey.

Vindyne Group are promoters and marketers focused on crypto-currency projects, goods, and services.

Keeping busy executives up to date with reports on the latest IT trends, presenting views from expert analysts and solution providers EM360 offers specialist coverage making it the comprehensive guide for all aspects of organisational IT. With an established medium for editorial and online resources, we serve a global audience of C-level executives, management and IT practitioners, informing them of the latest developments in their industries.

Linkedin: is a user-centred, ad-free media outlet publishing the latest news on Reddcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency.