We need volunteers! CoinFest UK is run by a small team and everyone is a volunteer but we still need help. If you would like to volunteer please get in touch, we need help with set-up and clean-up of the event, setting up and monitoring of the speaker recording system, generals hands to ensure needs are met for attendees and much more. We cant pay you, but you'll make lots of new friends and get the chance to meet important people in the cryptocurrency community.

Become a sponsor! Sponsors help CoinFestUK become the event that it is, without sponsors we wouldn't have much of an event. Have a look over on our Partnerships page and see our current sponsors, these guys are helping create the next big CoinFestUK event! If you are thinking of supporting CoinFest UK then please get in touch. Sponsoring CoinFestUK proves to the community your dedication to advancing the cause and while helping build a more profitable environment for your enterprise.

Donate If you don't have time to help out, but want to support CoinFest UK, feel free to donate to the cause! CoinFestUK operates under a decentralized donation structure: you can give to any individual regional CoinFest, or to the main address at CoinFest.org for the lead organizer to redistribute. CoinFestUK has no intention of mixing funds or otherwise obscuring their use, such that expenditures can be tracked via the blockchain. We value your privacy, however, and due to CoinFests operation outside of the traditional finance system, we cannot offer tax receipts.

Need our logos? Download our logo kit here. Want a custom CoinFestUK logo to match your site/service let us know!

Our donations and sponsor fund BTC address is 1BGb1Up5s7udEj1GYDretwTMCq69LmChe8