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Free to attend, multi-track for beginners to OGs 

The countdown to CoinFest


2021 will see CoinFestUK 5th event!

CoinFestUK is a free to attend crypto focused event built with several tracks aimed at all levels of Crypto enthusiast. We host beginners to ‘OGs’ and B2B, VIP and government guests.

CoinFest started in 2013 at a Waves Coffee House in Vancouver. It was conceived as a way to incentivize cryptocurrency acceptance while educating the public about its importance and use.

In 2015 CoinFest spread worldwide and in 2016 Manchester hosted the first UK CoinFest event! Since 2016 we have grown phenomenally attracting a global audience to our event, hosting some of the most established crypto companies and connecting with a huge scope of Crypto enthusiast with many returning each year!

Exhibitor Track

Meet our exhibitors who have travelled from around the world (and throughout the UK) to showcase their projects and take to the stage!

Crypto Art Event / Gallery

Since 2016 CryptoArtEvents (Formally Gallery) have showcased Crypto themed artwork from around the world! At our 2021 event CryptoArtEvents will have extended gallery space and integration into our CoinFest event, exposing the Artists to our attendees and our attendees to the amazing artwork!


Jump in our Cash Grabber tunnel or create an NFT on our Graffiti board and don’t forget to have an attempt at our Guess The Combination safe to win all the prizes inside! We have a bunch of activities planned for the event to help break the ice!

Speakers Track

We host speakers from a broad range of experience levels, backgrounds and disciplines. 2021 will see an additional stage enter our event space, expanding our speaker lineup and allowing some specific topic tracks to take place.

Attendee Interviews - 5 Minutes of fame

Take a position in our Interview are and talk about your experiences in the Crypto space and your thoughts on CoinFest – You’ll win the chance to have your interview included in our post-event video!

NFT Giveaway

We’ve all seen the news on NFTs and Crypto Artwork, well at CoinFest 2021 we signed several artists to giveaway and airdrop (To CBE token hodlers) some of their NFTs!

Workshop Track

From Blockchain development to Trading, NFTs and Mining workshops, we host a range of free-to-attend workshops for all knowledge levels.

Blockchain Gaming

Where Blockchain and Gaming collide. With Blockchain Gaming partners we’ll be hosting some dedicated Blockchain Gaming event space with Demos, a Gaming Panel and giveaways

After party

Well 2021 has been nearly 2 years in the making! Postponed due to COVID we keep pushing forward! Our after-party will encapsulate all the hardwork pumped into the event from CryptoBates and supporters, sponsors and VIPs of the CoinFest event!

New for 2021

DeFi Track & Panel

A track dedicated to Decentralized finance (DeFi) hosted by our DeFi partners. This track will include a dedicated DeFi area, Q&A sessions, DeFi demos and a dedicated discussion panel

Trading Track & Panel

As we’ve all seem that the crypto markets have rocketed over the past year and the requests we received for Trading workshops, Q&As and advice have also rocketed for us! We’ve had hundreds of requests for a Trading Track so 2021 will see our first!
Hosted by our Trading partners we’ll have a dedicated Trading room, Q&A sessions, trading demos and more!


Lineup TBA


We have been overwhelmed by the amount of speaker applications! First slots are allocated to sponsors then we’ll work through our expressed-interest list.

Our current interest list sits at around 124 interested speakers!


Lineup TBA


As with previous CoinFestUK events our workshop line-up covers a wide variety of topics including hardware wallets, smart contracts, NFTs, mining, beginner sessions and trading! The line-up for 2021 will take over even more workshop rooms that ever before!

We’re in talks with around 21 hosts to host a variety of workshops at the event!


We’re finalising talks with a further 26 exhibitors, final line-up TBA


We’ll be showcasing projects from around the world in our Exhibitor halls, from start-ups to well established projects make sure to meet the teams, ask questions, get onboard and enter the giveaways! We’ve had to expand to more exhibitor halls due to demand !


Checkout CryptoArtEvents.org for the latest Artist lineup


Each year we host a dedicated Crypto Art Gallery showcasing Crypto artists from around the world! This year we’ve had an awesome response from the Art community and our artist list just keeps growing! We’ll have physical pieces and digital pieces (As we as NFTs) on display

Event Schedule

Our event schedule is in development, the schedule will be released one month prior to the event.

As always it is subject to change at the last minute.

Pre-event party – Invite Only

An invite-only party with sponsors, supporters and VIPs

Doors open to the public

Doors to the event

Doors open to the public

Doors to the event

Event Party with B2B & VIP Bar

Invite only for B2B Bar and VIP Bar

Doors open to the public

Doors to the event

Doors open to the public

Doors to the event

PDF Downloadable schedule

Our full schedule will be available as a downloaded PDF closer to the event.

Coming Soon


The Pendulum Hotel / Manchester Conference Centre has been our venue for most of our previous events, its a firm favourite with attendees, its easy to find for our international guests and has an awesome bar!

Looking to book a hotel room for the event? Get in touch for a unique CoinFestUK code.

Pendulum Hotel / Manchester Conference Centre


Pendulum Hotel / Manchester Conference Centre
Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3BB
Tel: 0161 955 8000



There are a range of hotels nearby our venue, use the postcode M1 3BB to locate all the hotels close to the venue.

Whitworth Locke, Civic Quarter
Whitworth Locke, Civic Quarter

74 Princess St, Manchester M1 6JD

Holiday Inn Express Manchester
Holiday Inn Express Manchester

Cc - Oxford Road, an IHG Hotel

Velvet Hotel, Bar & Brasserie
Velvet Hotel, Bar & Brasserie

2 Canal St, Manchester M1 3HE

Event Tickets

Our event has been (and always will be) free to attend for general admission. For 2021 we are offering VIP tickets which will offer a range of benefits to the ticket hodler, these are limited in supply!

General Attendance


All track access
Gaming Room access
Entry into our event raffles
Access to all our activities
VIP Tickets


Back-stage access
Pre-event & after-party tickets
Exclusive merchandise
Exclusive NFTs


Our sponsors help us build the back bone for our events! From financial support to feedback, advice, apparel, advertising and more!

Our Headline Sponsors

Our Gold sponsors

Our Bronze sponsors

Lanyard sponsors

Misc sponsors


Interested in Exhibiting / Sponsoring our event?

Our event hosts a wide range of sponsors, from floor exhibitors, banner sponsors to chair sponsors, merchandise sponsors and after-party VIP booth partners.

If you’d like further details, a custom package or know how you’d like to be part of our event then get in touch.


Donating helps us keep our event free to attend, increase our capacity to onboard newbies, expand our range of activities for attendees and helps us create the best experience we can for attendees!

Bitcoin Donations

Our Bitcoin donation address is:


ETH Donations

Our Ethereum donation address is:


We want to thank all our sponsors who have supported us since our initial postponement due to CVOID back in 2020!

We’ve had awesome support, feedback and guidance – We aim for our November 2021 event to be our biggest yet!

Interested in taking part in our event?

There are a lot of ways you can take part in our event, from hosting a workshop hosting to talking on stage or volunteering your time. Get in touch if you’d like to take part.

Media Partners

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