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We are indebted to everyone who helped make CoinFestUK 2019 the event it was! We have had a lot of positive feedback and comments about the event, aswell as plenty of ideas for the next event!

Check out our 2019 event photos on Google Gallery, here is the link:

We have much more content to release including attendee interview videos, speaker presentations, general event footage and more event photos.




Awesome 2019 sponsors

Our awesome headline sponsors!

Sponsors are what make our event possible they provide financial support aswell as supporting us in many ways including donating to our giveaways, hosting workshops, event promotion, providing feedback and helping us setup the event.

MonetaryUnit (MUE) is digital money which you can use to buy goods and services for less. It is Money, Evolved.

The ETHBITS (ETBS) platform provides users with a secure and trustworthy exchange that helps them easily convert fiat into any of the cryptocurrencies available on the market.

Our awesome sponsors

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