Goal of this page: Educating our community readers on how to generate an Ethereum address (Shortened to ETH in this guide) with our wallet partner and provider Trustology.

Example of a ETH address: 0x19E792FE4F04CBD7eadc61228276C4cB1eaC9D1E

About our wallet partner: Trustology.  Trustology was created to help accelerate the crypto economy by enabling the adoption of cryptoassets on a global scale. Backed by ConSensys and Two Sigma Ventures, Trustology’s team of highly experienced blockchain, banking and software experts are hard at work defining the way that cryptoassets will be secured and managed in the digital era. Utilising well-designed processes and superior technology, they are about delivering market solutions that are smart and of the highest quality. That’s why they built TrustVault — a fast, user-friendly and highly secure insured custodial wallet service designed to address the security and ownership shortcomings of existing custody solutions, hardware wallets and cold storage options today, whilst also providing the same level of speed, flexibility and access we’ve all come to expect from traditional assets and account services.

Currently the TrustVault app only supports iOS. If you are an Android user you can register your interest in the app via their website at https://trustology.io and select Get Started link

Follow the steps below to set up your TrustVault wallet. You’ll need your ID handy.

01: Download the TrustVault app from here

02: Open the app and start to create your account / verify your identity entirely in the app in just a few minutes.

02.1: Now from within the app let’s create your first wallet:  ETH account

02.2: Select the +New Wallet option and enter a name for the wallet (e.g. Main Wallet).  Then select the ETH option and click ‘Add Wallet’. 

0.3: Your new wallet is now created. To find your ETH address, simply click on the new ETH wallet account and then click on the Receive button. Here is an example of a ETH address: 0x19E792FE4F04CBD7eadc61228276C4cB1eaC9D1E

That’s it — Your portable TrustVault wallet is ready to use 24/7 anywhere.

In regards to the CBE token, from within the app you can scroll along the tokens on the bar near the top of the screen, here you’ll find the CBE token. Clicking this token will change the screen to CBE token screen, here you can send tokens to other addresses. 

Note: Sending any transaction from your ETH wallet (Sending ETH or any token) uses GAS. GAS prices are usually very low (But they can spike when the ETH network is busy. Generally GAS prices are around 0.05p per transaction). GAS is paid for in ETH from your ETH balance and is payable per transaction, so you need some ETH to get you started.

Anyone that wants to look into GAS prices in more detail, there is an awesome website which you can visit called the ETH Gas Station here: https://ethgasstation.info/index.php?curr=gbp

Any questions?

If you have any questions or need any further support with setting up an ETH wallet please contact the CoinFestUK team

If you require any assistance in using the TrustVault app you can talk to the Trustology support team for immediate assistance from within the TrustVault app by selecting the Settings option, then Get Help or via email: contact@trustology.io

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